Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian Students

With as many as 10,000 Indian applications going out for studying MBBS abroad, every medical student aspires to get their hands on world-class education. But the single most affecting hurdle that stands in their way is the gigantic amount of fees that this opportunity demands. However, for an MBBS in Kazakhstan, the fee structure is surprisingly low. Kazakhstan medical education is globally admired for high quality academic structures and teaching practices. Add to that the expert clinical exposure provided to students and you are convinced that the MBBS course in Kazakhstan is worth opting for. With esteemed recognitions by the likes of USMLE, IMED, GMC, WHO, and, NMC, medical universities in Kazakhstan are at par with their international counterparts. Growing as an academic and a regional hub of Central Asia, some of the best universities in Kazakhstan have proved time and again why they deserve to be on your minds. Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students means an access to a more diversified and an inclusive culture. Further, the process of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is fairly simple as compared to universities across the globe.

MBBS in Kazakhstan: Important Dates and Timelines

For an MBBS admission in Kazakhstan, you need to abide by the below mentioned dates and timelines:

Commencement of the 2024-25 Admissions Cycle September 2024 & February 2025
Application Last Date September 2024 & February 2025

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan

Going for an MBBS in Kazakhstan sets you miles apart from other medical practitioners out there due to a variety of reasons. MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students could be a viable choice because:

  • Extremely affordable cost of education with low MBBS in Kazakhstan fees makes it a lucrative option.
  • All the MBBS colleges in Kazakhstan portray the best teacher-student ratio facilitating personalized attention.
  • The medical studies in Kazakhstan are internationally accepted and have an appreciable standard.
  • The Md in Kazakhstan and other degrees have been valued the world over.
  • MBBS in Kazakhstan and the fee structure is delightfully low with a high-quality education in return.
  • Kazakhstan medical colleges are listed in the World Directory of Medical Colleges.
  • For an MBBS in Kazakhstan, the fees are low and no donations and other capitation charges are accepted for admissions.
  • Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan does not require you to take the IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Studying in Kazakhstan makes the students eligible to practice medicine throughout the world.
  • All the medical colleges in Kazakhstan are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities.
  • Not only are the fees for MBBS in Kazakhstan low, but the cost of living is also extremely affordable as compared to the countries in Europe.
  • Not only are the MBBS in Kazakhstan fees low, but the tuition charges and the accommodation costs are also significantly low.

MBBS in Kazakhstan: Quick Overview

Studying MBBS abroad requires careful decision making. To make your decisions easy, we researched the important guidelines and factors you might need to keep in mind. Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan requires you to consider the following points:

Application Last Date September 2024 & February 2025
Basic Eligibility 50% in PCB for General Students
40% for SC/ST,OBC students
NEET Exam Qualification Not Required. However, it will be needed in case the student wishes to pursue a profession in India
IELTS & TOEFL Not Required
MBBS in Kazakhstan Minimum Fees ₹2.32 Lakhs/Year
MBBS in Kazakhstan Maximum Fees ₹5 Lakhs/Year
Top Medical Universities Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
Kazakh National Medical University
Cost of Living in Kazakhstan ₹5 - ₹10 Thousand/Month
Course Duration 6 Years (including 1 year of internship)
Medium of Teaching English
Recognition NMC & WHO approved

MBBS in Kazakhstan Fee Structure 2024-25

The fees for MBBS in Kazakhstan are extremely low and affordable. The university-wise breakup of tuition and hostel costs for MBBS Kazakhstan are as below:

Universities Tuition Fees (For 6 Years) Hostel Fees (For 6 Years)
Kazakh National Medical University 4500 USD 300 USD
Astana Medical University 3100 USD 700 USD
South Kazakhstan Medical Academy 3950 USD 570 USD
Karaganda State Medical University 4750 USD 570 USD
Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Education 3500 USD 700 USD
Kazakh Russian Medical University 4000 USD 700 USD
Kokshetau State University 3500 USD 500 USD
North Kazakhstan State University 4500 USD 500 USD
Semey State Medical University 3700 USD 250 USD
West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University 3500 USD 570 USD
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University 4100 USD 700 USD

Disclaimer: The amounts mentioned above may vary. For more details and assistance, contact SelectYourUniversity

Top Medical Universities in Kazakhstan (MCI Recognized): Ranking 2024

Kazakhstan medical colleges and their rankings are as below:

Universities Country Rank World Rating
Kazakh National Medical University 5 3.8 Star
Al-Farabi Kazakh National University 6 3.5 Star
Semey State Medical University 17 3 Star
South Kazakhstan State Medical Academy 19 3 Star
Astana Medical University 14 3 Star
West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University 51 3 Star

Disclaimer: The amounts mentioned above may vary. For more details and assistance, contact SelectYourUniversity

MBBS in Kazakhstan: Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students

Medical studies in Kazakhstan ensure that you fulfil your goal of becoming a distinguished doctor. However, studying MBBS in Kazakhstan also comes up with some eligibility criteria that you need to fulfil! These are:

  • As per the mandate of the National Medical Commission, an aspirant needs to score a minimum aggregate of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology if he/she belongs to the General category and 40% if he/she belongs to the Reserved categories.
  • Pursuing an MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students will come true only if the candidate is at least 17 years of age.
  • Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan doesn’t require you to take any entrance or qualification test.
  • There are also no regulations regarding an upper age limit when it comes to studying MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Medical Colleges in Kazakhstan: Admission Procedure

The decision of going for an MBBS abroad brings with it the elaborate processes of admission and application. However, not only is the MBBS course in Kazakhstan on point, but the admission procedure is also extremely easy to follow through.

  • Step. 01

    To begin with the process, University of Kazakhstan for MBBS needs you to accurately fill the application form with the points of interest correctly mentioned.
  • Step. 02

    Once you have applied to the best medical colleges in Kazakhstan, the university views and accepts your application. On acceptance, you get an admission letter.
  • Step. 03

    Next, you could visit the SelectYourUniversity Delhi office and submit your passport.
  • Step. 04

    To realise your dream of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan in 2024-25, we would then apply for a student visa on your behalf to the Embassy of Kazakhstan in India post which you might be called for an interview.
  • Step. 05

    Then your Visa is approved and stamped. Your dream of studying MBBS abroad is fulfilled and you get to know about your traveling date to Kazakhstan.
  • Step. 06

    As soon as you arrive in Kazakhstan, the university officials receive you.
  • Step. 07

    You begin your MBBS in Kazakhstan then and you are allotted a hostel at the campus.
  • Step. 08

    Lastly, you need to pay the Kazakhstan medical college fees before you begin studying.

Medical in Kazakhstan: Will Indian Students be safe?

Pursuing an Md in Kazakhstan or any other medical degree guarantees you complete safety. One of the most secure countries, studying Md in Kazakhstan is a comfortable and a safe experience relative to most of the countries out there. A Kazakhstanian government conducted survey entails that Indians studying Md in Kazakhstan are far more than any other country and India comes amongst the top 50 countries in terms of studying in Kazakhstan. Not only is doing an MBBS in Kazakhstan low in terms of fees in Indian rupees, but all the students studying in medical colleges in Kazakhstan are properly secured and protected by the respective Government authorities.

Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan in 2024-25: The Syllabus

One of the many advantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is the vast syllabus that the best medical colleges in Kazakhstan offer which touches base with all the latest happenings in world medicine. While studying MBBS in Europe for Indian students might be lucrative, the syllabus of MBBS in Kazakhstan is a class apart.

1st Year 2nd Year
Fundamentals of Psychology Human Anatomy
Bioorganic Chemistry Histology
Histology Biochemistry
Medical Chemistry Physiology
Embryology Philosophy
Human Anatomy Emergency Medicine
Cytology Microbiology
Elective Courses Immunology
  Patient Care
3rd Year 4th Year
Pathophysiology Paediatrics
Pharmacology Internal Medicine
Pathomorphology Tuberculosis
Hygiene and Ecology Surgery
Paediatrics Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Internal Medicine Neurology
General Surgery Ophthalmology
Radiology Medical Psychology
Elective Courses Urology
  Forensic Medicine
  Social Medicine
5th Year 6th Year
Epidemiology Internal Medicine
Oncology Infectious Diseases
Social Medicine Paediatrics
Internal Medicine Surgery
Surgery General Practice
Paediatrics Social Medicine
Medical Genetics Oncology
Traumatology Obstetrics
Gynaecology Elective Courses
Clinical Immunology  
Emergency Medicine  
Fundamentals of Stomatology  

What to do after MBBS in Kazakhstan?

While the cost of doing MBBS in Kazakhstan is low, it provides you far greater opportunities in return. An MBBS study in Kazakhstan makes you capable of practicing medicine in any field and in any part of the world. Some of the opportunities that you could explore are:

  • An Indian student in Kazakhstan can explore opportunities in International universities for post-graduation and higher studies.
  • An MBBS in Kazakhstan gives you the eligibility to practice being a doctor in India as well post your course.
  • While the Kazakhstanian State Medical University makes you capable of practicing anywhere, you might need to take the NEXT after your MBBS in Kazakhstan to be eligible to practice in India.

While there are no disadvantages of doing an MBBS in Kazakhstan, you will be assisted in an education loan for MBBS in Kazakhstan to facilitate your studies too!

MBBS in Kazakhstan: Faculties Offered

While an MBBS in Kazakhstan without NEET is possible, taking the examination would open up a world of opportunities for you. The best MBBS colleges in Kazakhstan have the following courses:

  • General Medicine
  • Therapeutic Studies
  • Paediatrics
  • Medico-Prophylactic
  • Stomatology
  • Pharmacy
  • Public Health and Pharmacy
  • Postgraduate Courses

While all of the courses above are offered widely, an MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students comes at a very low fee.

MBBS in Kazakhstan: About the Country

While for an MBBS in Kazakhstan the fee structure is low, the country is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The location of Kazakhstan at the north of the Central Asian Republics with Russia in the north and China in the east, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan towards the south and Turkmenistan as its western partner makes it one of the most strategic places in the world with bountiful nature to stay in. The Caspian Sea gives the place the vibrancy it deserves with an 1894Kms coastline. To give you an idea, the country is four times Texas with a Steppe land adorning the entire ground along with hills, mountains, and plateaus. Of all the ‘Stan’ countries, Kazakhstan is the wealthiest and the largest with a culturally diverse mix of people living in it. As per the 2009 Census, the country is home to only 63% of native Kazakhs. While there are no disadvantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan, all of the above factors make the country a happy place to live in with a low MBBS fees in Kazakhstan. The throbbing and bustling country provides plentiful employment opportunities and houses a sizeable student population. This makes getting a scholarship for MBBS in Kazakhstan very easy further reducing the MBBS in Kazakhstan cost. The best universities in Kazakhstan have a culturally and ethnically diverse student life. This key international aspect boosts the country’s education scenario in such a way that studying there feels equivalent to studying MBBS in Europe. Just like MBBS in European countries, the MCI approved medical colleges in Kazakhstan are opening up avenues for global collaborations. The thorough Exchange programs offer a quality just like studying MBBS in Europe. Thus, through the exchange programs and the top medical colleges in Kazakhstan, your dream of an MBBS in European countries is fulfilled too. Kazakhstan follows Islam as its main religion with rare fauna such as Eagles, Leopards and Falcons roaming the country. The best medical colleges in Kazakhstan have a comfortable student life. Other interesting facts about the country are:

Capital of the Country Nur-Sultan
Area of Kazakhstan 2,724,900 km2
Total Population 1,83,00,000
Official National Language Kazakh, Russian
National Currency Kazakhstani Tenge
Time Zone 30 mins Ahead of India
Average Temperature and Weather Summer - 30 °C (86 °F)
Winters −20 °C (−4.0 °F)
Literacy Rate 1 Tenge = 0.67 INR
Currency - Rate of Exchange 99.01% (Approx.)
Most Followed Religion Islam

MBBS in Kazakhstan: Hostel and Accomodation Facilities

With low MBBS in Kazakhstan fees, the hostel charges are also low. All the medical colleges in Kazakhstan for Indian students take special care for a comfortable study environment. With no Kazakhstan MBBS disadvantages and multiple opportunities, the hostel services are as follows:

  • Each medical university in Kazakhstan offers roughly around six to seven hostels to International students.
  • Each hostel consists of lodging, food and mess, and laundry facilities.
  • Considering the traveling cost, the universities have taken care that the hostels are situated inside the institute campus.
  • The rooms are equipped with all the necessary facilities like in-built furniture, bed, bedsheets, quilts and mattresses, and a blanket.
  • To study MBBS in Kazakhstan, you could rest assured that hostels and accommodation are comfortable and welcoming of all students.

MBBS in Kazakhstan: student reviews

  • Farooq Choudhary
    One of the major reasons why I was allured to do MBBS in Kazakhstan was the fees for Indian students. Not only is the education quality world-class, but the cost of living is abysmally low too. All of these factors along with no MBBS in Kazakhstan disadvantages, I was instantly happy to fulfil my dream of an MBBS abroad.
  • Asmita Patel
    Kazakhstan medical college fees is the single-most distinguishing factor when it comes to pursuing higher studies abroad. The thorough syllabus and the quality of professors and mentoring makes it distinct too. All of this makes it very easy for me to apply and study successfully.
  • Faraz Ahmed
    I always wanted to study MBBS abroad. It would make my life post studies very easy and would give me scope to practice my doctorship in any country. Thus, I opted for an MBBS in Kazakhstan as the fees in Indian rupees is extremely low and it provides me quality education in return.
  • Nivedita Khanna
    I wanted to ensure that to study MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students was not a hassle. I also wanted to ensure that I would get the best of returns and opportunities for the resources, time, and effort I would invest in my medical studies. An MBBS in Kazakhstan is a sure-shot way to succeed in life as the extent of practical exposure, mentorship, and clinical practice provided is immense with all the benefits of an ethnically diverse culture.

MBBS in Kazakhstan: Important FAQs

An MBBS in Kazakhstan might have you with a lot of doubts. But we have found answers to all of them from trusted sources. The questions you might have and the answers to them are:

How many Indian students are studying MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Over 800 students from India are pursuing studies and MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Which are some of the best medical universities for MBBS in Kazakhstan?

The best medical universities for MBBS in Kazakhstan are Astana Medical University, South Kazakhstan Medical Academy, Kazakh National Medical University, Al Farabi Kazakh National University, and many more.

Is doing an MBBS in Kazakhstan a viable option?

Yes, an MBBS in Kazakhstan not only provides quality education at an extremely low cost but it has ample opportunities, scope, and recognition worldwide too.

Do students have an option of scholarships or subsidised allowances while pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Yes, scholarships and allowances are available while studying MBBS in Kazakhstan. The policies change college-to-college.

Does MBBS in Kazakhstan have National Medical Commission approved colleges? How many?

An MBBS in Kazakhstan gives you access to around 12 universities that are NMC approved.

Do students face any language barriers while studying MBBS in Kazakhstan?

No, the students don’t face any language barrier while studying MBBS in Kazakhstan as all the courses are taught in English and the primary medium of instruction is also English.

Do students have to take the NMC screening test after an MBBS in Kazakhstan?

Yes, the students have to take the NMC screening test after studying MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Is MBBS in Kazakhstan valid in India?

Yes, an MBBS in Kazakhstan is valid in India and anywhere else in the world.

Where does Kazakhstan stand in the safety index and is an MBBS in Kazakshtan safe for Indians?

The 2020 Global Peace Index ranks Kazakhstan at the 70th spot out of 163 countries. Yes, it is safe to study MBBS in Kazakshtan for Indian students.

What is the cost of living while studying MBBS in Kazakhstan?

It could cost you roughly around ₹20,000 per month if you are a student studying MBBS in Kazakhstan.

What are some of the career opportunities after an MBBS in Kazakhstan?

You could either pursue post-graduate studies or practice as a doctor in any part of the world after an MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Which is the best MBBS college in Kazakhstan?

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and Kazakh National Medical University are seen to be the best in terms of Kazakhstan medical college ranking.

MBBS Colleges in Kazakhstan : Recognition

Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan gives you access to a premium medical education. The recognitions and accreditations achieved by the universities are from:

  • World Health Organisation
  • United States Medical Licensing Examination
  • International Medical Education Directory
  • General Medical Council
  • National Medical Commission

MBBS in Kazakhstan: Documents Required

All the medical colleges in Kazakhstan ask for the following documents for admission:

  • Your Passport’s photocopy.
  • Five of your colour Passport Size Photographs.
  • Your Birth Certificate.
  • Your 10+2 Marksheets.
  • The Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Your Bank Statement.
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MBBS in Kazakhstan: Course Duration

An MBBS admission in Kazakhstan guarantees you a 6-year medical degree with one complete year for medical internship which is usually in the final year.

MBBS in Kazakhstan: Medium of Teaching

Universities in Kazakhstan follow English as the primary medium of instruction. All the private colleges in Kazakhstan too follow English as the medium of teaching and communication. Thus, studying in Kazakhstan would be easy and comprehensible for everyone.

MBBS in Kazakhstan: Address of Kazakhstan Embassy in India

All the medical colleges in Kazakhstan require you to get the student visa. For that, you need to visit the Kazakhstan embassy in India. We have looked for its address for you:

6/7 Vasant Vihar,
Block F, Poorvi Marg, South West Delhi,
New Delhi, Delhi 110057

Contact Details

[email protected]
Call: 69004-69004

An MBBS in Kazakhstan for Indian students is possible for low fees. And the admission procedures are easy to follow too.

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