Study MBBS in Russia 2024-25

MBBS Admission in Russia is a great option for students who are seeking universities for MBBS abroad. The quality of education in their program is at par with the top medical universities in the world, and subsidized MBBS fees in Russia's top medical colleges have resulted in many international students flying in to study medical course there. Intake for Indian students studying MBBS in Russia is 100% a secure and advantageous decision.

Russian universities are devoted to serve local communities. Tie ups and collaborations of the State with MBBS colleges in Russia help both Indian and foreign students find multiple career opportunities and gain practical experience during their medical education i.e. MBBS studies. The top medical universities in Russia offer well-developed infrastructure and resources required by students in totality of hostel fee. Since Russian MBBS degree is valid in India, Russia has become one of the top choices for MBBS.

MBBS in Russia for Indian students is highly recommendable as it introduces students to new worldviews and opens up avenues to establish their career in any corner of the world. MD in Russia is recognized universally by organizations like World Federation for Medical Education WFME, WHO, MC, FAIMER etc. With such strong foundation that Russian medical universities in Russia offer, it is definitely an acknowledged destination for a brighter future. To know what is required for MBBS in Russia for Indian students scroll down or reach out to us for further enquiry on education loan for MBBS in Russia.

Intake for MBBS Study in Russia

  • The Russian medical universities provide two semesters every academic year.
  • September to January is the first semester, and February to June is the second semester for Medicine in Russia.
  • The admissions paperwork process runs from April through October.
  • Modern and useful teaching methods are used in Russia for MBBS students.
  • The highly skilled faculty of Russian medical universities comprising of top Russian doctors pays close attention to the students' practical skill development.
  • MBBS courses in Russia, MBBS Russia syllabus are taught in multilingual languages, particularly English.
  • At the time of admission, students are not requested to make a contribution or pay any hidden fees.

Atmia International Management Services Private Limited actively assists applicants with Russia medical college admission through every step of the process and offers advice as needed. To know in detail about cost of living in Russia for Indian students reach out to us today!

Quick Highlights: MBBS in Russia

Quick Highlights Details
Intake for MBBS in Russia September
MBBS course duration 5.8 years
Eligibility of MBBS in Russia 1. At least 50% aggregate score in PCB subjects in 10+2
2. NEET qualified
Medium of teaching English
IELTS & TOEFL Not required
MBBS fees in Russia INR 15 Lakhs- INR 50 Lakhs
University recognitions NMC (erstwhile MCI), WDOMS, ECFMG, FAIMER, and Ministry of Education, Russia
Cost of living in Russia INR 12,000/ month (USD 150 per month)

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Russia

MBBS course in Russia have multiple benefits for students who want to pursue a medical career outside Russia. Some of the many advantages of studying MBBS/MD in Russia for Indian students are given below. Know this before you apply for MBBS in Russia:

  • Medical universities in Russia offer the latest and well-maintained infrastructure for medical education. Research centers, laboratories, smart classrooms and other resources are widely accessible by students studying MD in Russia.
  • Faculty in Russia medical education is experienced and experts in their fields. They provide guidance, support and vision to young students budding dreams.
  • Medium of education classrooms in English lanquage as many international students make up the student crowd. This is one of the main advantages of studying MBBS in Russia.
  • Students save costs in applying for MD/MBBS in Russia because there are no entrance tests like
  • TOEFL, IELTS etc that are an admission requirement by the universities. Students need not clear NET examination, however, if he/she wishes to pursue a profession in India, then NET will be needed.
  • There are no capitation fee or donations requested at the time of admission process in MBBS Russia.
  • MBBS in Russia fee structure is economical for Indian students.
  • Medical colleges in Russia are recognized globally by MCI and WHO
  • Students who study Medical in Russia can take benefit of the various tie ups and collaborations that the universities have with research centers, other colleges and other institutions.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

For medical admission in Russia, students must fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant must score 50% marks in 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as subjects for General category for MBBS in Russia for Indian students.
  • The applicant must score 40% marks in 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as subjects for Reserved category for MBBS in Russia for Indian students.
  • Clearing NEET examination is not mandatory.
  • Applicant must have attained the age of 17 years as on the date of admission. Candidates older than 25 years are not eligible for studying MBBS in Russia.
  • Students need not appear for any entrance examination to secure admission in medical universities in Russia.
  • Aspirants must be able to present a Nationality certificate to study MBBS course in Russia.

Admission Process to Study MBBS in Russia for Indian Students

In order to apply for MBBS in Russia for Indian students there are certain steps to follow. The procedure to study MBBS in Russia 2024-25 is as follows:

  • Step. 01

    Shortlist the universities in Russia that you wish to apply for medical in Russia.
  • Step. 02

    Fill the application forms available on each university's respective official website.
  • Step. 03

    Prepare necessary documents that need to be uploaded with the application form and submit the same.
  • Step. 04

    Colleges that select your application for admission will send you an invitation letter.
  • Step. 05

    After receiving the invitation letter, students can apply for student visa with the government authorities.
  • Step. 06

    To secure admission for studying MD in Russia, students will be asked to deposit partial or full fee to the university as per their rules.

Requisite Documents for a Visa to Study in Russia for MBBS

Students need to prepare the given list of documents for education at the time of admissions in MBBS Russia.

  • Class X Marksheet and Certificate
  • Class XII Marksheet and Certificate i.e. scanned copy of class 12th pass certificate
  • NEET Admit Card and Rank Card (If opted)
  • Caste Certificate (For Reserved Category)
  • Passport Size Photographs
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport (Minimum validity of 18 months) include passport first and last page
  • Medical Certificate
  • Student Visa
  • Nationality Certificate
  • Invitation Letter by the university in which the admission is being taken

Note - All documents must be authorized by Ministry of External Affairs, Delhi. Documents must be approved and legalized by the Russian Embassy.

Reasons to Opt for Study MBBS in Russia

The following are the main explanations for Indian students' preference to pursue MBBS in Russia as opposed to another nation:

  • The National Medical Commission (formerly the Medical Council of India) has recognised medical universities in Russia.
  • In Russia, MBBS education is reasonably priced, with annual tuition starting at around INR 3–4 lakhs.
  • Indian students receive instruction in English throughout their whole medical education in Russia.
  • Easy admissions procedure with no entrance examinations, such as the TOEFL or IELTS.
  • No contributions or capitation fees; cosy hostels with 24-hour basic amenities and clean Indian mess facilities are available.
  • The MBBS in Russia programme teaches Russian language skills to facilitate contact with Russian patients;
  • The cost of living in Russia is reasonable.
  • Cutting-edge facilities, including cutting-edge classrooms, fully furnished labs, robotic learning, and effective teaching methods. Indian medical students receive hands-on training at international hospitals and universities.
  • Reputable faculty members at Russian medical colleges include scientists, research analysts, and doctorates of science.
  • Indian students can choose from a variety of specialisations offered by top medical colleges in Russia.
  • Due to the robust and advanced security measures in place at Russian universities, Indian MBBS students may study there in safety.
  • Students in Russian medical universities get FMGE/NExT coaching from the top Indian physicians and educators.

List of Colleges for MBBS Russia

For students who plan to study MD/MBBS in Russia 2024-25, here is a list of well-ranked Russian medical colleges. These top universities in Russia for Indian students offer an array of advantages throughout their course period:

Serial No. Name of Institute Total Fee per year (approximate)
1 Bashkir State Medical University ₹ 3,18,000/-
2 Perm State Medical University ₹ 3,33,000/-
3 Kazan Federal University ₹ 4,22,000/-
4 Kazan State Medical University ₹ 3,77,000/-
5 Crimea Federal Medical University ₹ 2,59,000/-
6 Tver State Medical University ₹ 2,22,000/-
7 Orenburg State Medical University ₹ 3,84,000/-
8 Saint Petersburg State Medical University ₹ 5,00,000/-
9 Ryazan State Medical University ₹ 3,45,000/-
10 Smolensk State Medical University ₹ 4,07,000/-
11 Kursk State Medical University ₹ 3,77,000/-
12 First Moscow State Medical University ₹ 8,26,000/-
13 People’s Friendship University ₹ 5,80,000/-
14 Tula State Medical University ₹ 2,40,000/-
15 Altai State Medical University ₹ 3,22,000/-
16 Kuban State Medical University ₹ 3,81,000/-
17 Chechen State University ₹ 4,06,000/-
18 Mari State University ₹ 3,33,000/-
19 Chuvash State University ₹ 2,25,000/-
20 Kemerov State Medical University ₹ 3,23,000/-
21 Lomonosov Moscow State University ₹ 4,50,000/-
22 Tyumen State Medical University ₹ 2,75,000/-

Note - Above Russian medical colleges fee structure is approximate and subject to fluctuation as per change in rate of currency or university policy

Syllabus for MBBS in Russia

Below is the study pattern of MBBS in Russia of top medical universities for Indian students:

Year Semester 1 Semester 2
1st Year Biology Russian Language
Anatomy Biology
Russian Language Latin
Latin Nursing
Physical Education Anatomy
Nursing Histology
2nd Year Russian Language Russian Language
Anatomy Physiology
Histology Microbiology
Physiology Immunology
Biochemistry Biochemistry
3rd Year Microbiology Surgery
Immunology Pharmacology
Radiology Pathophysiology
Surgery Pathoanatomy
Pharmacology Internal Medicine
Pathophysiology Topo Anatomy
Internal Medicine
4th Year Topo Anatomy Gynecology
Hygiene Neurology
Oncology Ophthalmology
Gynecology Psychiatry
Neurology Pediatrics
5th Year Therapy Obstetrics
Pediatrics Traumatology
Psychiatry Therapy
Obstetrics Hospital Surgery
Hospital Surgery Dermatology
Clinical Anatomy
6th Year Obstetrics
Lab Diagnostics
Emergency Medicine

MBBS in Russia Fee Structure: 2024-25

The average MBBS fee structure of Russian medical universities starts at INR 2.5 lakhs annually. Here is the fee structure of different medical universities in Russia for Indian students looking forward to studying MBBS in Russia. Comparing MBBS in Russia for Indian students will help them make a better decision .

S.No. Name Of The University Total Fees (INR) Medium & Duration
1 Perm State Medical University ₹ 28,29,000* English Medium (6 years)
2 Mari State University ₹ 26,65,000* English Medium (6 years)
3 Orenburg State Medical University ₹ 30,62,000* English Medium (6 years)
4 Pskov State University ₹ 18,45,000* English Medium (6 years)
5 Tver State Medical University ₹ 18.93,000* English Medium (6 years)
6 I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University ₹ 59,70,000* English Medium (6 years)
7 Kazan State Medical University ₹ 27,42,000* English Medium (6 years)
8 Volgograd State Medical University ₹ 28,11,114* English Medium (6 years)
9 Siberian State Medical University ₹ 24,82,500* English Medium (6 years)
10 Far Eastern Federal University ₹ 23,85,000* English Medium (6 years)
11 Kursk State Medical University ₹ 25,12,500* English Medium (6 years)
12 Kuban State Medical University ₹ 18,39,000* English (4 years) & Russian (2 years)
13 Smolensk State Medical University ₹ 24,75,000* English Medium (6 years)
14 People’s Friendship University ₹ 42,75,000* English Medium (6 years)
15 Ryazan State Medical University ₹ 19,12,500* English Medium (6 years)
16 Crimea Federal University ₹ 20,77,500* English Medium (6 years)
17 Northern State Medical University ₹  27,45,000* English Medium (6 years)
18 Syktyvkar State University ₹ 15,90,000* English (4 years) & Russian (2 years)
19 Dagestan State Medical University ₹ 15,00,000* English (4 years) & Russian (2 years)
20 Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU) ₹ 37,20,000* English Medium (6 years)
21 Nizhny Novgorod State Medical University ₹ 30,15,000* English Medium (6 years)
22 Altai State Medical University ₹ 23,77,600* English (4 years) & Russian (2 years)
23 Kazan Federal University ₹ 27,57,000* English Medium (6 years)
24 Bashkir State Medical University ₹ 18,35,561* English Medium (6 years)
25 OMSK State Medical University ₹ 19,91,000* English Medium (6 years)

Disclaimer: The tuition fees for MBBS in Russia of Russian medical universities mentioned above are subject to change. Contact Rus Education for more details relating to tuition fees, hostel charges, and conversion from USD to INR.

MBBS In Russia: Courses Offered

  • General Medicine
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Paediatrics
  • Dentistry
  • Nursing
  • Surgery

Course Duration:

MBBS in Russia is usually 6-8 years long depending on the university the student chooses to study in.

  • Studying MD in Russia with universities that are English medium, i.e., students are taught in English language, have 6.8 years long MBBS course. The final year of the course is mandatory internship.
  • Students who opt to study in Russia in bilingual colleges, i.e., colleges where students are taught in both Russian and English language, the medical degree is awarded after 7.8 years long MBBS course. Students are taught Russian language for a year as part of the course.

Medium of Teaching in Russia

Russian MBBS programmes are typically taught in English in foreign medical faculties. English is the medium of instruction for the trained professors and instructors at the Russian medical colleges offering the programme. To assist international students in acclimating to their native tongue—Russian—during their clinical rotations, they could also instruct in other languages.

Food and Accommodation

Russian medical colleges provide inexpensive facilities for Indian students pursuing MBBS in Russia.

  • Indian students enjoy comfortable dormitory accommodations with necessary utilities such as water and electricity.
  • Hostel rooms provide double and triple-sharing options.
  • Rooms are fully supplied with blankets, mattresses, tables, chairs, bed sheets, pillows, and cupboards.
  • Students have access to a communal kitchen and washing machine.
  • Most medical colleges have special Indian messes for Indian students, serving tasty and hygienic Indian cuisine.
  • Indian eateries are within walking distance of campuses.

Safety of Indian Students in Russia

The majority of Russian institutions provide housing services for foreign students as well as dorms with upgraded safety features including emergency exits, fire alarms, round-the-clock security, and surveillance cameras. To further guarantee safety standards, they carry out routine safety checks in their hostels.

Russian universities have a specific, well-defined emergency response plan that covers medical crises, evacuation protocols, on-the-spot evacuation techniques during natural catastrophes, etc. Highlights from each of these protocols are shared with both domestic and foreign students, who are also instructed on how to handle scenarios comparable to these.

The fact that Russian universities offer support to international students, including those from India, in the event that they encounter legal difficulties while studying there is one of the finest aspects of these institutions for their safety. With the right supervision, this support system provides students with legal help, including residency permits and ideal visa rules. This institution makes sure that foreign students may get legal assistance when necessary and are aware of their rights and duties under Russian law.

NEET Requirement for Studying MBBS Russia

Students seeking an MBBS from Russia are required to take the National Eligibility Cumulative Entrance Test (NEET), a standardised entrance exam for admission to medical courses.

For admission to the MBBS Abroad, Indian nationals or Indian citizens living abroad who plan to earn a primary medical degree from any medical institution outside of India must meet the mandatory NEET test qualifying requirements.

A general applicant must receive at least 137 points to study MBBS in Russia, whereas those from restricted categories, such as OBC, SC, and ST, must receive at least 107 points. The NEET score is valid for three years for MBBS at Russian medical institutes, as many of you may already be aware.

Benefits of MBBS in Russia After NEET Exam

Affordable Tuition Fees

MBBS in Russia is less expensive than an MBBS from a private institution in India. Not only are tuition rates reduced, but the cost of living in Russia is also reasonable. The overall cost of studying MBBS in Russia makes it an attractive option for many candidates who are unable to gain admission to a government medical college through NEET and seek to pursue an MBBS in Russia.

Education Quality

A significant advantage of studying MBBS in Russia is the availability of high-quality education at a reasonable cost. Russian institutions are renowned for their internationally relevant curricula, world-class professors, and emphasis on practical learning. Collaboration with renowned schools provides students with worldwide exposure and significant internship opportunities. Top Government Russian institutions are recognised for preparing students to meet the difficulties of the global healthcare business.

Global Standards

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates of the United States (ECFMG) both recognise Russian universities. They appear in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS). The National Medical Commission of India recognises medical programmes offered by Russian universities. MBBS from Russian universities is widely acknowledged across the world. Russian institutions train students for international careers in healthcare.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Respect for various cultures affects the climate at Russian institutions. Most Russian institutions have significant foreign student communities. Students pursuing an MBBS at a Russian institution are urged to participate in adaptation activities to feel at home in Russia. Universities foster cultural interchange among students from various origins.

PG Options: After MBBS in Russia

There are various academic courses that one can pursue after they study MBBS abroad in Russia.

  • PG - Post Graduate: Students can apply to study in Russia further for their specialization degree.
  • Indian students always have the option to return to India for their PG degree. They need to appear for the NMC screening test to qualify for admission in Indian medical universities.
  • PG options in other countries after MBBS abroad is available to students. They need to clear the screening examination of the particular country they wish to apply in.
  • MDS - Master of Dental Surgery.
  • M.Ch - Superspecialist Degree (Master in Chirurgical).

Vacations During MBBS in Russia

Russia's holidays could change depending on the university.

  • All universities observe the same national holidays, which are observed by students in accordance with Russian Federation regulations.
  • The candidates receive the five days off in January.
  • On February 23, students have the day off in observance of Defender of the Fatherland Day.
  • Candidates also receive Summer and Winter Holidays.
  • Holidays are also given to students according to their religion.
  • MBBS students celebrate several holidays in Russia, including Christmas, International Women's Day in Moscow, Labour Day, Victory Day, Kurban Bayram, Uraza Bayram, Annunciation Holiday, Epiphany Holiday, Navy Day, Russain Railway Troops Day, etc.

FMGE Passing Percentage After Completion of MBBS in Russia

FMGE is a Foreign Medical Graduate Examination. Only 16% of Indians with foreign medical credentials may practise in India. If a person holds a medical degree from a foreign university, he must appear for and pass this qualifying exam. It should be mentioned that the pass percentage for this exam is rather low.

Career Options: After MBBS in Russia

In Russia, there are several employment options available after completing an MBBS. Depending on your chosen specialisation, you can pursue a range of medical career routes.

  • After finishing your MBBS in Russia, you can pursue a career in private practice, hospitals, or research.
  • Career options in medicine include teaching as a lecturer or professor, as well as pursuing a post-doctoral fellowship to specialise in a certain area.
  • Apply for public sector jobs in healthcare, including doctor and lab technician opportunities.
  • Apply for government employment in the medical profession, including researcher, administrator, consultant, and adviser.
  • If you are looking for a job in the private sector consider the pharmaceutical or medical industries.
  • You can also pursue a profession as a medical marketing executive.

Russia - Overview

Here are some fascinating facts about Russia, the biggest nation on Earth. Students studying MBBS in Russia for Indian students must know the following;

  • Russia's capital is Moscow.
  • Russian is the official language of Russia.
  • Roughly thirty per cent of Russians are fluent in English.
  • The Russian Ruble is the official currency of Russia.
  • The time difference between Russia and India is two hours and thirty minutes.
  • The world's most developed nation is Russia.
  • The nation makes up one-eighth of the planet's surface.
  • Russia is one of Eurasia's sovereign nations.

Climate Vagaries in Russia

Several important elements influence the climate of Russia. The nation is situated quite far north in terms of latitudinal position, or location concerning the equator. The climate cools off as one moves away from the equator. This latitudinal effect results in a significant east-west alignment among Russia's primary biomes.

Russia's location on the continent has an impact on the climate as well. Continental climates are defined by more severe temperatures because of drier air and are found close to a continent's heart, away from bodies of water. More than land, water controls air temperature and absorbs temperature fluctuations. Away from the lake, the winters may be bitterly cold, while the summers are scorching with little precipitation.

The key point with Russian weather is that it varies greatly by area. Russia's majority of the country has a temperate climate, making it a pleasant area to live. The iconic Russian frosts are becoming less often as a result of Russia's warming environment, according to the Russian Weather Service.

Depending on the region of the nation you wish to visit, it varies. No matter where you go in the cold, you will always require thick gear. Waterproof and light to medium-weight apparel is ideal for the summer. With the exception of Antarctica, northern and northeastern Siberia has the lowest temperatures in the globe throughout the winter, thus it's critical to be ready for unforeseen circumstances there.

Comparing MBBS in Russia Vs MBBS in India

Aspect MBBS in Russia MBBS in India
Donations No donations required for admissions. Donations are required for admission.
Focus Emphasizes practical skills and knowledge. Focuses more on theoretical knowledge; practical skills training comes later.
Duration 6 years. 5.5 years.
Fees INR 15 Lacs – INR 50 Lacs for the complete course, depending on the university. Government colleges: INR 11,000* to INR 7.5 lakh; Private colleges: INR 25 lakhs to INR 1 Crore.
Medium of Instruction Mainly English; Russian is also taught for communication with patients during practical training. English only.
Licensing Exam Coaching Coaching provided for USMLE, PLAB, FMGE, etc. No coaching provided for license exams of other countries.
Post-Graduation Students can pursue PG courses in Russia. Students can opt for MD/MS/Diploma but must qualify for NEET-PG entrance exams like PGIMER, JIPMER PG, and AIIMS PG.
NEET Scores Admissions possible with low or qualifying NEET scores. Admissions not possible with low or only passing NEET scores.
Accommodation Special provisions for Indian students in case of limited seats. Fixed number of MBBS seats, restricting admissions to a limited number of students.

Top 5 Medical Universities in Russia- Fees, Facilities & Other Details

Perm State Medical University, Russia

With the most patents for inventions among Higher Education Institutions (HEI), utility models, and national research initiatives, Perm State Medical University is acknowledged as a major scientific centre for higher medical education and scientific research. Promobotic clinical training is provided by this well-known and respected medical university in Russia to its students in order to improve their ability to communicate with patients. For Indian students wishing to study MBBS in Russia, this is the top medical university.

  • Year of establishment: 1916
  • Location: Perm city
  • Eligibility for admission: Minimum 50% aggregate marks in PCB subjects in Class 12th and NEET passing score
  • Medium of teaching: English
  • Recognition: NMC, WDOMS, ECFMG, and Ministry of Science and Higher Education
  • Course duration: 6 years
  • Average MBBS fees: INR 28 lakhs

Perm State Medical University Fees Structure 2024
1st Year 2nd – 6th Year Total Fee in US Dollars Total Fee in Indian Rupees
Tuition Fee 5,500 US Dollars 5,500 US Dollars (per year) 33,000 US Dollars (Full Course) ₹ 27,06,000 (Full Course)
Hostel Fee Included in Tuition Fee
Mess Fee USD 1,500 Optional ₹ 1,23,000 (Per Year)
Fee Package For MBBS in Perm State Medical University
Fees Pattern Total Fee 1st Year Total Fee 2nd-6th (Per Year) Total Academic Fee
One Time Package USD 23,000
Semi Package USD 18,400 USD 2,500 USD 30,900

Orenburg State Medical University, Russia

Founded in 1944 to encourage high-quality medical education among foreign medical aspirants, Orenburg State Medical University is one of the oldest, most prestigious, and internationally recognised medical institutes in Russia. The greatest university in Russia to study MBBS is Orenburg State Medical University, which has a magnificent heritage of over eight decades of medical brilliance together with superb state-of-the-art facilities.

  • Year of establishment: 1944
  • Location: Orenburg city
  • Eligibility for admission: Minimum 50% aggregate marks in PCB subjects in Class 12th and NEET passing score
  • Medium of teaching: English
  • Recognition: NMC, WDOMS, ECFMG, MCC, FAIMER, and Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Russia
  • Course duration: 6 years
  • Average MBBS fees: INR 30 lakhs
Orenburg State Medical University Fees Structure 2024
1st Year 2nd – 6th Year Total Fee in US Dollars Total Fee in Indian Rupees
Tuition Fee USD 6,000 USD 6,000 (Per Year) USD 36,000 (Full Course) ₹ 29,52,000(Full Course)
Hostel Fee Included in Tuition Fee
Mess Fee USD 1,500 Optional ₹ 1,23,000 (Per Year)
Fee Package For MBBS in Orenburg State Medical University
Fees Pattern Total Fee 1st Year Total Fee 2nd-6th (Per Year) Total Academic Fee
One Time Package USD 23,000
Semi Package USD 18,400 USD 2,500 USD 30,900

Mari State University, Russia

Mari State University is regarded as one of the most prominent and successful multidisciplinary institutions in the Volga Federal District of Russia, offering top-notch medical education to students worldwide and substantial exposure to research. Various medical institutes, including NMC, recognise the university's MBBS programme in Russia.

  • Year of establishment: 1972
  • Location: Yoshkar-Ola
  • Eligibility for admission: Minimum 50% aggregate marks in PCB subjects in Class 12th and
  • NEET passing score
  • Medium of teaching: English
  • Recognition: NMC, WDOMS, ECFMG, MCC, FAIMER, and Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Russia
  • Course duration: 6 years
  • Average MBBS fees: INR 26 lakhs
Mari State University Fees Structure 2024
1st Year 2nd – 6th Year Total Fee in US Dollars Total Fee in Indian Rupees
Tuition Fee USD 6,000 USD 5,000 (Per Year) USD 31,000 (Full Course) ₹ 25,42,000 (Full Course)
Hostel Fee Included in Tuition Fee
Mess Fee USD 1,500 Optional ₹ 1,23,000 (Per Year)

Pskov State University

One of the most well-known public universities in Russia that offers MBBS programmes is Pskov State University. The university is one of the biggest research hubs in the Pskov area and the North-West of Russia, serving as a training ground for scientists. The institution guarantees the entire development of every student while providing the greatest education possible to all those seeking MBBS in Russia, thanks to its state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology.

  • Year of establishment: 2010
  • Location: Pskov
  • Eligibility for admission: Minimum 50% aggregate marks in PCB subjects in Class 12th and NEET passing score
  • Medium of teaching: English
  • Recognition: NMC, WDOMS, ECFMG, MCC, FAIMER, and Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Russia
  • Course duration: 6 years
  • Average MBBS fees: INR 15 lakhs
Pskov State University Fees Structure 2024
1st Year 2nd – 6th Year Total Fee in Indian Rupees
One Time Package ₹ 12,00,000 (Full Course)
Tuition Fee ₹ 2,90,000 ₹ 2,90,000 (Per Year) ₹ 15,00,000 (Full Course)

Tula State University

When looking for an inexpensive MBBS programme in Russia, Tula State University Medical Institute is one of the top choices for medical schools. Modern medical technology at Tula State University Medical Institute guarantees compliance with international medical norms. Comprising eight research laboratories, an ecology monitoring centre, and the research and Educational Centre "TulaTECH," the institute offers medical students full training. Students' academic demands are also met by a specialised library, which improves their educational experience even further.

  • Year of establishment: 1930
  • Location: Tula
  • Eligibility for admission: Minimum 50% aggregate marks in PCB subjects in Class 12th and NEET passing score
  • Medium of teaching: English
  • Recognition: NMC, WDOMS, ECFMG, MCC, FAIMER, and Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Russia
  • Course duration: 6 years
  • Calculations are as per the current market value of Indian Rupee against US Dollar (1 USD = INR 82)


  • The total amount that the student must pay to Atmia Education is indicated in the fee structure above.
  • This package of fees includes study materials in English, documentation of the student's enrollment at the university, medical insurance, reimbursement to the centre, tuition, hostel accommodations, medical insurance, MCI coaching for the duration of the course, airport transfer to the university, and other services.

Accommodation for Ukraine Returned Students for MBBS in Russia

For the stuck medical students from Ukraine who were denied any chance to continue their education in India, Russian medical institutes have emerged as a beacon of hope. Prominent Russian medical schools, including Orenburg State Medical University, Mari State University, and Perm State Medical University, have declared their willingness to welcome and support transfer students from Ukraine, enabling them to complete their MBBS in Russia without having to forfeit their prior studies. Russian medical schools assure MBBS students from Ukraine who have returned to India of a healthy and supportive atmosphere in which they may learn, develop, and move on from the terrible previous months.

Disadvantages of MBBS in Russia

Some of the drawbacks of studying MBBS in Russia include the following:

  • Indian students pursuing an MBBS in Russia may find it challenging to adapt to a new language and culture. Even Nevertheless, the majority of Russian medical schools provide their Indian students with Russian language instruction so they can communicate with patients.
  • Since the majority of Indian students will be visiting Russia for the first time, it's possible that they won't know enough about the Russian city they're visiting.
  • Indian MBBS students studying in Russia could find it difficult to get used to the changing eating and sleeping schedules.
  • Russia has a frigid environment, therefore Indian students studying there will need to adjust to the new weather and may have health issues in the first few months.
  • To practice medicine in India after completing their medical education abroad, Indian students pursuing a foreign medical programme must take the FMGE/NExT.

In order to get past these obstacles, Atmia Education worked with its partner medical universities in Russia to create special plans for its Indian students that would guarantee a comfortable stay in Russia. These plans included inviting renowned Indian professors and doctors to Russia to coach Indian students for the FMGE, as well as providing hostel accommodations, an Indian meal, and Indian counsellors and representatives in the universities for on-the-spot support.

FAQs – MBBS in Russia

Which colleges are the best to study MBBS in Russia?

Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU), Kazan Federal University, Far Eastern Federal University are some of the best universities to pursue MBBS in Russia.

What are Russia MBBS disadvantages?

Indian students may find it hard to adjust in the Russian cold climate. Winters in Russia are freezing with temperature dropping to many degrees below zero. This is the only Russia MBBS disadvantage.

Is there any age bar for MBBS in Russia?

The applicant must have attained the age of 17 in the year in which admission is sought. Maximum age bar to study MBBS in Russia is 25 years.

How many Indian students are pursuing education in Russia?

About 8000 Indian students studying MBBS in Russia 2024-25. Over 10,000 Indian students are studying in Russia across disciplines.

Is there any maximum limit for appearing in NMC screening test after MBBS in Russia for Indian students?

No, students can appear for the test multiple times. NMC conducts the screening test for students twice a year.

Can I apply for MBBS in Russia without NEET?

Yes, clearing NEET is not mandatory.

Are medical courses from Russian universities recognized in the world?

Yes, medical courses from Russian medical universities are recognized by esteemed organizations like WHO, NMC, UNESCO etc. MBBS in Russia culminates in lucrative career options and exposure to the world. Even MBBS lowest package in Russia is better than many other universities in the world.

What is an MCI Screening Test?

The MCI Screening Test (Medical Council of India Screening Test) is an examination students have to undertake to get a license to practice in India.

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